Puerto Vallarta

img_2479So I got into town and hopped in a cab. The dude said he was going to get me a good price but he tried to rip me off so I talked him down. When I got to the place there was no key in the lock box so I couldn’t get in. I talked to the security guard and called the apartment manager. She thought I was coming next week. The had an extra key so I could get in. But because she thought I was coming later she didn’t have the room cleaned, turn the water on, and the ac didn’t work! It’s pretty hot down here lol. So I let her know and I went surfing. I wanted to take a boat but I couldn’t get one, so I took the bus. I didn’t know exactly where I was going. The bus driver told me which stop to get off and I started walking to the beach. It was crazy! The road turned into a hotel entrance and there was a side road to the beach. It quickly turned into jungle. It was really cool but there was nobody else around so I did t know if I was going the right way. All of the sudden I came across an abandoned hotel! It was crazy! I could see the surf break from it but there was a cliff so I couldn’t walk down.  I backtracked and found a sketchy cliff to walk down. Stabbed my hand on a thorn trying not to slip. Finally made it to the beach. Had a good session. The sun was about to go down so I started heading back to the road. Mosquitoes were out in full force. Some Americans gave me a ride halfway back and I started walking. Luckily the bus pulled over 5 minutes later and it took me home. I hopped in the shower and that’s when I found out the water was off. The key for turning it on wasn’t in the house so I ended up moving to another room!  After all that I made it to a margarita.

Around The World

It all started with a buddy of mine telling me that I should take some time off and travel.  I thought – ok I’ll go on a quick surf trip somewhere in Mexico and then get back to the rat race. I even had a bunch of interviews lined up. Somehow that quick trip turned into a bigger trip and then an even bigger trip. Now I’m going around the world. Need to make it to New Zealand in time for my brothers wedding… but that’s not until April.

Several people have asked me to keep them posted on how things are going during my journey. I’m not much of a Social media spammer. So, I’m going to be documenting my trip on this blog as I go. That way people can check it out when they feel like it.