Puerto Vallarta

So I got into town and hopped in a cab. The dude said he was going to get me a good price but he tried to rip me off so I talked him down. When I got to the place there was no key in the lock box so I couldn’t get in. I talked to the security guard and called the apartment manager. She thought I was coming next week. The had an extra key so I could get in. But because she thought I was coming later she didn’t have the room cleaned, turn the water on, and the ac didn’t work! It’s pretty hot down here lol. So I let her know and I went surfing. I wanted to take a boat but I couldn’t get one, so I took the bus. I didn’t know exactly where I was going. The bus driver told me which stop to get off and I started walking to the beach. It was crazy! The road turned into a hotel entrance and there was a side road to the beach. It quickly turned into jungle. It was really cool but there was nobody else around so I did t know if I was going the right way. All of the sudden I came across an abandoned hotel! It was crazy! I could see the surf break from it but there was a cliff so I couldn’t walk down.  I backtracked and found a sketchy cliff to walk down. Stabbed my hand on a thorn trying not to slip. Finally made it to the beach. Had a good session. The sun was about to go down so I started heading back to the road. Mosquitoes were out in full force. Some Americans gave me a ride halfway back and I started walking. Luckily the bus pulled over 5 minutes later and it took me home. I hopped in the shower and that’s when I found out the water was off. The key for turning it on wasn’t in the house so I ended up moving to another room!  After all that I made it to a margarita.