The surf got a little smaller so I snagged one of the long boards that were in the storage closet and cruised out to the boat to head out to Bahia. It was pretty fun. The waves were pretty clean just a little too small for the short board. Chris decided to try his luck with a stand up paddle board. We surfed for about 3 hours and decided to call it.

When we got back to the shop, the owner (Lalo) was there and said to come back in an hour to get a free ride back to Bahia because he wanted to surf a bit. Alex and Johnny decided that they were going to spear fish instead of surf. I decided to join along and see if I could get some go pro footage.

Right off the bat Alex caught a bota! Bota in English is boot.  It’s actually a trigger fish, but the reason they call it a bota is because the skin on the fish feels exactly like leather. I followed Johnny around for a while until I got some footage of him spearing a fish.

When we decided to call it a day, they had caught about 7 fish. We took them back to she shop where they cleaned them and put together some awesome ceviche. Nothing like fresh ceviche!