Puerto Vallarta Cont.

I was able to get a boat out with the guys at Accion Tropical. They’re good guys and I definitely recommend if anyone goes to Punta de Mita, they should sync up with them. The owners name is Lalo. Johnny and Alex were the guys that I saw most of the time. We went on some fun adventures to Bahia.

I called up to see if I could get a boat around 8 in the morning (I slept in a little because of the previous nights shenanigans of getting situated). I was told that there was another guy who wanted to share the boat with me. I was stoked because that meant that I could pay half the fare.

I got down to where the boat was docked and met a guy named Chris. He was visiting from Canada. Great guy, fun to surf with. He ended up being my Puerto Vallarta travel buddy.

The surf was pretty fun!

The next day we decided to go extra early.