After getting a ton of waves at Play Escondida, the wind came up a little and we decided to head to another spot. Luckily the surf camp packs snacks and water in the truck otherwise I’d probably pass out.

We hopped on the highway and drove North about 30-40 minutes. The exit that we got off at had a huge rock quarry along the dirt road to the beach. I found out later that the quarry was used to create a huge jetty over at Salina Cruz. They transported the rocks via huge barges. In order to do so, they created a jetty at Bomba.

There’s a little shack right at the break. It sells food and acts as a ocean conservation outpost. The guy who runs it is named Ozwalo. Really nice guy and also very talkative. He told me that there used to be a perfect wave there until they came in and made that jetty for the quarry.

One of the days, Ozwalo  and his friends went out to get some oysters while we were out surfing. They came back and sold a dozen of them to mayo for super cheap. I think it was 17 pesos (less than a buck!). Mayo shared some with me. I don’t really like oysters but I had to try. I mean, come on! they’re not going to be any more fresh!! Ozwalo’s wife prepared the oysters and made some hot sauce for us to put on them because we couldn’t find the hot sauce we brought. It was composed of lime juice and habanero peppers. It burned my lips off… but it was delicious. I could only handle 2 because of the heat, but I have a new opinion of oysters.

The wave over at Bomba is pretty easy to surf. It can be big but it’s a slow mushy wave (until you get to the inside). It handles the wind really well because of where it sits between two mountain ranges, so it’s a good go-to spot if everywhere else is blown out.


There’s also a really cool palapa structure that you can sit under to avoid the sun. That’s where I had lunch my first day 🙂