Bye Mex. Time to surf some lefts

My week in Punta Conejo was up and it was time to set sail to Peru. When I arrived at the airport the internet was down so they were unable to allow me to pay for my boards with my credit card. Fortunately I had my 1 spare credit card. The other one was being mailed to me in Peru due to fradulent charges made in middle Wisconsin while I was in Mexico. I was a little nervous about my boards not making it to Peru.

I was in luck however… My boards arrived and everything was alright! I made it to the surf camp in about an hour and a half. The place blew my socks off. It had a great view of the point where we were going to be surfing. Chicama is considered the longest left in the world. From the takeoff to the pier the wave can run about 4km.

I tried to surf right after unpacking, however I tweaked my shoulder sleeping on the plane or something. I had some pretty sharp pain in my bursa, so I decided to get out. The surf wasn’t that great anyway. Decided to go to bed early and get ready for the next day. Hoping that my back and shoulder would start to feel better by then.