Happy Birthday to me!

The surf had been pretty small since I had arrived, but there was a swell expected to hit around my birthday. Sure enough! We started getting waves that were a 1-1.5 meters. I was stoked.

There is a boat at the resort that you can pay 30 bucks a day for 2 – 3 hour sessions. The boat will drive the surfers out to the point and pick them up after each wave. This was definitely worth it when the surf got bigger. The current at Chicama can be pretty strong. You end up paddling the whole time just to stay (unsuccessfully) in the right position.

There were also people who shot pictures and video of the surfers trying to make some money off of the footage. I decided to pay for the waves they filmed of me. They’re not the best… but I need material for this site!

I had so much fun surfing that I missed breakfast. Some of the guys who were staying there as well made me a cake out of dulce de leche and bread rolls. Also… that’s a towel not a halter top!