Punta Conejo

The point was about a 2 minute drive from the compound. It all depended on the wind. If the wind were blowing onshore at the compound then that meant that the wind was blowing offshore at the point.

Liz, Jeff and I ended up surfing that spot pretty consistently for the rest of the trip. It had a pretty easy take off. If you wanted to be aggro, you could paddle a little further out and get more in front of the rocks. But I found those waves didn’t hold up as long as some of the bigger sets that swung a little more wide.

There weren’t too many people out most of the times we were there. In fact there were a couple times where we were the only ones out and it was firing. Word sort of got out after that and there was a consistent crowd that would camp out on the beach and surf all day.

One of the days I got stung by some jelly fish pretty bad paddling around. It didn’t hurt too bad… it was more of a nuisance. I did end up learning the name for jelly fish in spanish. It’s Medusa. Pretty fitting. I also got a little reaction from it